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Eske Bockelmann


Eske Bockelmann is a German expert in German studies who wrote an important book in 2004 discussing the interconnections between money and the Modern Age: Im Takt des Geldes (In the Rhythm of Money, available in German only). He is professor for Latin in Chemnitz and private tutor for modern German literature. In the book Im Takt des Geldes, he developed an independent monetary theory focusing on the question of how and with what consequences we might abolish the modern medium of money. 



Video: Im Takt des Geldes. In the 16th century, the European world underwent a tremendous change: Previously, it had been almost entirely rural, but from then on, cities were gaining more importance. Buoyant markets emerged and, for the first time in history, they joined their forces to form a single, transnational market. Market economy was born... and this had vast implications.


Eske Bockelmann: Abolishing money

A world without money: Would it be at all possible? Would we make it possible? That is and remains the crucial question. Here it is asked and answered: We cannot imagine a world without money. In this brochure you find out why. 


Last edit:13/11/2019