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Money Secrets

What are money secrets?
A secret is something that cannot be expressed in words - but contains a lot of truth. Once it's pronounced, it's no secret anymore. The same applies to the parables in the Bible. There is always an uncertainty as to how they are to be interpreted. Did Jesus already spoke of financial investment opportunities in the "parable of investing"?


Markus 14: A parable of price versus value

Markus 12: The parable of Offering

Matthew 20: The parable of the laborers in the vineyard

Matthew 25: The parable of the Talents

Markus 10: The parable of the rich man

Lukas 12: The parable of the rich fool

Markus 14: Parabel über Wert und Preis

how big is a billion?

Last edit:01/11/2019