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New technologies open up new paths and possibilities. A new industry emerged from the technology sector and established new ways for money: regarding the foreign exchange trade, the transfer of funds and securities trading. This field is called fintech, the abbreviation for financial technology.

Global fintech leader is China, which was able to spread its technology quickly thanks to a giant user base and which now wants to expand it across the entire world by means of the Belt and Road Initiative. For a financial centre like Switzerland it is important to keep up and to take part in the discussions in the field of fintech to help shape the sustainable discourse.

The project was founded by foraus with an original focus on climate sustainability and has since expanded to include other areas as well. Sunflower supports foraus with this project. The question “what does sustainable mean?” has to include the economic system, too. This is where Sunflower wants to contribute its knowledge and bring up the issue of economic growth pressure for discussion.

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Last edit:13/11/2019